Strategic Partners

One of most important actions after providing advice to our clients is the successful implementation of the guidance that was agreed upon. To complete the comprehensive nature of our services we have teamed with several strategic partners.
  • Law Firms – We have relationships with law firms nationwide.  If you do not currently have a trusted relationship with an attorney, we can recommend a firm to meet your specific needs.
  • CPA – As with law firms, we work with many different CPA and accounting firms across the nation.  From the many firms that we are associated with, we would be able to refer you to the proper type of organization, if the need arises.
  • Fortress Brokerage Solutions (FBS) - If the objective requires a financial product, FBS is a full service brokerage that can provide cost effective and objective guidance in furnishing the product necessary.  On their website they have resources that you may find useful such as a Learning Center.  The Learning Center includes many types of calculators, tax information, tax information, articles, etc., that could possible help you now or in the future.  Just click on the links and you will be rerouted to their site.    
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