Welcome to Fiducia, LLC

Fiducia, LLC, provides fee based services in two distinct areas.

Business Owners, Successful Individuals and Their Families

Over the decades it has been our experience that business owners and successful individuals are extremely effective at creating wealth for themselves and their families, with the majority of their time used effectively in that pursuit.  Also, we have discovered that many times strategic and long term planning for exiting their business and addressing personal family matters have been inadvertently neglected.  This neglect is not intentional, but a matter of allocating the time to tackle all of the tough issues surrounding these critical areas.  We have found they need a professional, experienced trusted advisor to direct them and their families in methods to resolve these serious matters through a process that has the minimal amount of interference with their current fruitful activities.  Our firm provides comprehensive financial strategies and solutions through a process that is integrated with the client’s tax, legal and other advisors that promotes this business & financial “peace of mind”.

Trustee/Fiduciaries and Grantors of Trusts

Fiducia primarily performs an initial analysis of trusts and trust assets with the objective of mitigating the trustee’s risk and liability, along with a continuing periodic review.  We also focus on improving efficiency and cost effectiveness of trust assets to achieve the planning objectives of the grantor and the grantor’s estate. There have been some important changes to the role of trustee/fiduciary.  The duties and responsibilities of fiduciaries are largely defined under provisions in the Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA). Fiduciaries are required to operate by these standards of care as they discharge their duties.  Those who breach their duties may be personally liable for monetary relief to the beneficiaries of the trust.  As a result, it is important that a trustee, as fiduciary, analyze the trust assets and document this evaluation using a “prudent process” regardless of the composition of the assets.   
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